what clients say

After 30 years as a professional musician, my body was feeling "worn out"! While my reputation and my love and understanding of the music are at their highest point, I was experiencing pain, loss of endurance, and a frequent state of muscle exhaustion from chronic overuse. Maureen's work has brought me back to the peak of my ability and extended my musical performing career by another 20 years.
   -Natalie Cox, Principal Harpist, Oakland/East Bay Symphony
Your work ended twenty years of pain and limited mobility from an auto accident, which I accepted as my "normal" condition. Now I'm grateful every day with every step I take.
   -James Fadiman, Ph.D.
I've known Maureen for over 20 years. She works with compassion, good humor and dedication, continually expanding her knowledge and refining her clinical skills.
   -Dr. John Float, Osteopath and Alexander teacher
It used to be torture to sit on an airplane. Now I have absolutely no problem or pain. I don't feel sore or jammed up or anything, even the day after flying. I don't know what you've done, but I feel a big difference. There are so many aches and pains that used to bother me. I thought I'd always have them. Now, I don't even think of them anymore.
   -Pat Belden
After three years of chronic cramping in my calf and hamstrings, I doubted that any treatment could help. Now after just two sessions, I've had no further cramping or spasms, even with hard bike riding."
   -Jake Jakobson, contractor and builder
Before seeing Maureen I had seen about 10 different practitioners over the course of a year, including several chiropractors, and no one had been able to help me. Maureen was thorough, encouraging, and her understanding of the mechanics of the musculo-skeletal system was reassuring. Her touch is confident and effective. In my case, progress was slow, but I could see progress in monthly increments, and I played my part by doing the Egoscue exercises daily. I am now able to live a normal life, and no longer need much bodywork to remain pain-free. Maureen is resourceful and generous of spirit.
   -Cyndi Lowe, Ph.D student and ESL Teacher
Within just a few treatments Ms. Manley helped me recover greater range of motion and use of my arm after a debilitating stroke. She carefully assessed my physical disabilities and explained her techniques and analysis. Her treatment relieved my various pains and limitations significantly, and her clear explanations helped me better understand how to help myself improve more and faster.
   -Bill Fuchs, Technology Visionary, Age 50
"My fingers are flying faster than ever over my keyboard! Thank you for helping me stay the course in getting my dissertation written."
   -Kait Philbin, Yoga Instructor and Doctoral Candidate
My trills are faster and my tremolos smoother!
   -Dan Reiter, Principal Cellist, Oakland/East Bay Symphony
...a delightful dance of deep intuition, work in the energy field, and straight physiology.
   -Dr. Jill Mellick, psychologist, artist
I sleep much better, and no longer have pain at night. These treatments have greatly improved my range of motion and ease of movement.
   -Judith Bolker, Physical Therapist, Nurse Manager, Total Joint Center, Saint Francis Hospital
My physical therapist recommended Ms. Manley after my hip replacement. Now it's easier to move my hips and shoulders, my circulation is better, and I don't need the same pain medication.
   -Margit Klemann, Retired Nurse, Age 88
Thank you for helping my neck, Maureen. I feel much better.
   -John, Age 9
Working with Maureen has helped me perform at a higher level in competition, and let me recover quickly from any training injuries.
   -Tom Sher, Senior Masters Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe racer
Thank you for the best massage I've ever had!
   -Kathleen Doster, MD. Ph.D., neurologist
Maureen is very knowledgeable about the body. Her work is effective, intuitive, practical in terms of problem-solving.
   -Rochelle Teising, MFC
When my therapist first recommended Maureen I was very anxious about bodywork. Her touch has been safe, nurturing, and helped my healing.
   -Emma, minister and incest survivor
She worked a muscle spasm out of my shoulder in one session, while prescription medication took a week or more to work. Maureen's the greatest!
   -Dorie, legal secretary

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