hendrickson method � orthopedic massage:

"Hendrickson Method � Orthopedic Massage is an advanced system of orthopedic therapy which brings together a dynamic combination of techniques: massage, (joint) mobilization, and neuromuscular re-education, synthesized with Eastern energy practices. With long-term benefits far beyond what is possible with massage, this exceptional system of functional rehabilitation uses techniques that stimulate the synthesis of new cells, re-hydrate cartilage, and realign soft tissue."

"At its core is a soothing, rhythmic stroke called Wave Mobilization�, so named because its gentle rocking motion mimics ocean waves." Wave Mobilization� deeply penetrates muscle tissues to release tension and dissolve the scar tissue which can compromise strength and flexibility.

The work was developed by Dr. Tom Hendrickson, at the Hendrickson Method � Institute of Orthopedic Massage & Manual Therapy. It also incorporates and expands upon the unique soft tissue alignment principles of the renowned Lauren Berry, RPT, a mechanical engineer and physical therapist.