egoscue method of postural therapy

The Egoscue Method is a Postural Therapy program. The work begins with an assessment of the client's posture and muscular imbalances, using fundamental anatomical, physiological, and biomechanical principles. Next a series of exercises is designed, combining stretches to safely relieve tight, shortened muscles, and therapeutic strengthening exercises for the weakened muscles.

Each Egoscue routine is carefully individualized to suit the client's specific condition. The client chooses a convenient time and place to do the exercises, which require no special equipment. Most clients do their exercises at home. Others prefer a program designed to do at their work or office, which can reduce work-related injury. The first routines are typically gentle, and designed to correct imbalances, however, as function improves, a more challenging routine will focus on building strength.

Basic Egoscue Method Concepts

  • The human body is designed for movement.
  • The body becomes stronger under physical demand.
  • Lack of movement fosters loss of function.

For centuries, survival required many hours a day of physically demanding work. Today's industrialized, computerized, urban lifestyles require little strenuous physical activity. Without sufficient demand, the musculature gradually becomes "de-conditioned." That de-conditioning manifests in many ways, including as a nagging sense of being out of shape, getting a little winded on the stairs (or choosing to ride the elevator instead), or feeling less enthusiasm for a Sunday hike. If these important early warning signs are missed or ignored, the consequences can be costly and painful.

An Egoscue fitness routine provides a simple, practical way to develop your potential and avoid the long-term cost of "deferred physical maintenance." Orthopedic Bodywork uses the principles of the Egoscue Method in analyzing and understanding a client's posture and problems. A few appropriate exercises may be suggested for homework, or a full program can be designed, according the client's preference.