biodynamic craniosacral therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle method of treatment that can balance the central nervous system and support the client's natural healing resources. The Craniosacral System includes the cranial bones of the head, the brain and surrounding membranes, the spinal cord, sacrum, and the cerebrospinal fluid that circulates throughout the system. When tissues within the craniosacral system become restricted (usually from injury or trauma, including birth complications or other long-forgotten incidents), these restrictions can lead to sensory, motor or neurological imbalances.

Most clients are aware of the beating of their heart and the movements of breathing. Additional sensitivity is needed to perceive the equally vital rhythmic fluctuation of cerebrospinal fluid, and subtle movements in surrounding tissues. Craniosacral practitioners develop this ability to monitor movement in the craniosacral system, and to gently support the release of restrictions, and the natural healing process.

This exquisitely sensitive and subtle work is truly a lifetime study. After an introductory 250 hours of training, I have begun to incorporate this profound understanding of the human body/mind into my bodywork and manual therapy.